TRUST Rotterdam
TRUST Rotterdam

TRUST Rotterdam

The TRUST Rotterdam dressage bridle is a beautiful bridle with a wide patent noseband. The wide anatomical noseband features super soft padding for extra comfort.

The noseband strap is lined with nylon, preventing the noseband from stretching and ensuring the fit perfect. The noseband narrows towards the ends providing more freedom at the bit. The noseband also points up the middle of the horse’s nose making it even more anatomically designed.

The flash strap features a buckle protector meaning the buckle never touches the horse’s nose. The browband features the finest quality Stellux™ stones giving an elegant appearance.

The stones are deep-set so they won’t fall out. The browband is slightly curved. The headpiece is anatomically shaped and cut back to allow more freedom at the ears. The padding is soft but not too thick so that direct contact with the horse is maintained.

Regular price$300.00

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