Nano-E Vitamin E Horse Supplement

Nano-E Vitamin E Horse Supplement

Uses advanced nanotechnology to create a rapidly available and absorbed source of vitamin E that enables administration to be timed to provide peak antioxidant protection for all types of horses. Features reproductive benefits for breeding stallions, and pregnant and lactating broodmares. Recommended for race/performance horses in intense work, prior to or following stressful events such as weaning or travel, horses in confinement or those not receiving fresh green grass, horses recovering from illness or injury, and horses with neurological or neuromuscular disease. 

Each ml contains 250 IU d-alpha-tocopherol.

Directions: Daily-use - 4-8 ml per 1,100 lb horse by mouth or top-dress on feed. Pre-competition - 12-20 ml per 1,100 lb horse. Recommended to stop feeding to racehorses 24 hours prior to race.

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