Designed to tackle equine back problems particularly common in performance horses. Contoured design provides maximum coverage from the withers and shoulder blades, along the spine and over the Sacroiliac joint. Excellent for use in recovery after kissing spine surgery. The surcingle's design minimizes migration of the Back Blanket and keeps the cold or heat compressed against the horse's back. EZY peel hook and loop makes application and removal simple. Back Blanket comes complete with reusable Cold Capsule Inserts. 

To Measure: Start where the wither meets the horse or pony's back. The blanket should cover the croup (the high point of rump) for maximum effectiveness. If in doubt, order the longer model.  

  • Anatomical fit provides targeted cooling and compression.  
  • Therapeutic Benefits: Reduces inflammation, arthritis, bruises, injuries and controls swelling. 
  • Inserts mold to the horse’s leg and are scientifically tested and proven to provide therapeutic cooling for over two hours: 3x longer than gel. 
  • Wraps are made of breathable non-neoprene fabric. 
  • Specially placed hook and loop feature with EZY Peel closures to allow for a secure tight fit every time. Removal is easy—no yanking or jerking on the tabs to undo. 
  • Reusable Inserts.  When you are done, simply place your packs back in the freezer.  Within hours they are ready to use again.  You may also refreeze the packs in the wraps.  
  • For long lasting heat therapy, try our Deep Heat Inserts 
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