Reusable Ice Horse Cold Capsule Inserts freeze to soft fluffy snow that molds to your horses’ legs and body providing continuous cold therapy for over two hours per application. When you are finished icing simply place the ice pack back in the freezer and it is ready to reuse in 2-3 hours. This handy therapeutic cooling method offers the ability to target your cooling area with no watery mess.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cold Therapy
Reduces inflammation, controls swelling, helps arthritis, bruises, and injuries

Cold Capsule Insert Features:

  • Mold to the horse' legs and body for targeted therapeutic cooling and compression
  • Provides Therapeutic levels of cooling for over two hours -3x longer than gels or buckets of ice and water.
  • Coated with an antimicrobial
  • Reusable: When you are done, simply place your inserts back in the freezer. Within a few hours they are ready to use again. 
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