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Our CBD and Pine Tar soap is loaded with natural ingredients combined with jojoba and essential oils which relieve itchy skin and hot spots. 
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CBD and Pine Tar are used in combination to reduce inflammation which in turn may relieve itchy skin all while repairing skin surface with Jojoba oil used as a superfat. 


Pine Tar itself has been used for decades to help treat psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, and itchy skin.


Skin hydration is improved by using generous amounts of glycerin as well as help from jojoba and a high triglycerol vitamin E.  


Camphor, Menthol, and Tea Tree are used in combination to relieve and treat hot spots and itchy skin.


Nature's Rein CBD and Pine Tar Soap won't dry out your animal's mane or coat due to high conditioning oils but still offers a medium suds to remove dirt and grime leaving a soft shiny mane or coat behind.  All of this without the use of harsh, unhealthy chemicals and preservatives.  


800 mg Broad Spectrum CBD

8oz Bottle with pump 

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